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18 weeks old, still no sleep...

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argylesocks Thu 15-Sep-11 19:33:18

My DS is 18 weeks old now and the sleep deprivation is really starting to kick in and I'm desperate for some hope that things will get better.

He goes to bed fine around 7pm (he's often so tired he goes right to sleep but on the boob) but wakes really frequently during the night. If it's a good night, he'll sleep three hours from when I put him down but from 10pm onwards he wakes every two hours.

At least two or three nights a week, he wakes every single hour from when he goes to bed until I get him up at 7am.

I don't feed him every time he wakes, I try to stretch it to every three or four hours during the night, but whether I feed him or not, he wakes anyway.

I've tried feeding him every time he wakes, same thing. I've tried sleeping in the other room so he can't smell me, same thing.

Is there any hope that he'll go more than two hours at a time so I can finally get some sleep???

Weissbier Thu 15-Sep-11 19:44:15

He might well get better really soon, a lot of babies do. But you can't know when, so can you take the path of least resistance and get some help with the nights? Have you a DP who can help, then you could do shifts? Or a friend or grandparent who could come round sometimes and do the night so you get a break?

CocktailQueen Thu 15-Sep-11 19:45:08

Is he in pain? Could it be reflux? Is he too hot/cold? Does he nap longer in the day? Is he having plenty of wet and dirty nappies?

argylesocks Thu 15-Sep-11 19:50:00

We dont have any family around here so its just me and my husband. He does help some but when he has to go to work in the morning I'm the one who ends up waking up with the baby. I do take a nap in the morning before he leaves but its just not enough really.

Sometimes it seems like wind but I try everything to get it out and he still ends up waking. He does often seem like he's in pain. I've tried him on ranitidine and gaviscon because the GP thought it was reflux but he's been on it for weeks and there isn't any change.

He doesn't nap much in the day. He takes about 3, 40 minute naps but rarely more than that.

I dont really know if he's hot or cold. He's usually warm so I try not to put too much clothes on him at night, just long sleeved baby grow (kind with no legs) and in a sleep bag. I keep the room pretty cool. He sweats if I put him in warmer clothes.

MrsCrazyLegs Thu 15-Sep-11 19:57:45

I haven't got any advice, but I just wanted to offer sympathy. My DD is 18 weeks too, and sometimes can be a frequent night waker (though last night we had a 5 hour stretch!). DH and I take it in turns - one night I'll be on watch, the next night is his. I do feel a bit guilty as he has to go to work, but then I don't catch up with sleep either - like your DS, she only takes short naps too. Fingers crossed it gets better soon....

Caz10 Thu 15-Sep-11 20:10:06

No solutions, just sympathy, 18wk dd2 here, she has just gone to sleep now, will be up before midnight, and that will be the longest stretch she does. Dd1 was like this too, and she now adds to the fun by waking me at 6am, it is grim! DH sleeps on oblivious in the spare room angry.

argylesocks Thu 15-Sep-11 20:16:54

Grrrrr, my husband sleeps in the spare room too. I dont think he understands how exhausting it is.

I'm not asking the little guy to sleep through the night but not waking every hour or two would be nice! He has gone 4 hours from when i put him down a few times so I know he's capable!

I dont know if he's just waking up because he knows I'm there or if he's genuinely uncomfortable.

The sympathy is appreciated smile and mutual! It's no fun but he's so damn cute!

WoofToYouTooLady Thu 15-Sep-11 20:19:32

oh many sympathies from me

how do you feel about co-sleeping; it's not for everyone I know

what are his daytime naps like? and do you have any other children? thinking of ways to get longer naps in the daytime as well so that (other DCs permitting) you can get your head down then, too. IM(limited) experience an over tired baby is a nightmare to get to sleep at night, and sorting daytimes can sometimes knock on to improve nights


Iggly Thu 15-Sep-11 20:21:40

Try putting him on his left hand side for his sleeps with left arm outstretched so he can't roll.

Also if he has reflux you need to adjust the meds for weight gain.

Other thing is he sounds overtired - can you try getting more naps? Go for an earlier morning nap, and no more awake time than 2 hours or so plus an earlier bedtime by half an hour. Being overtired makes night sleep and naps a lot harder!

argylesocks Thu 15-Sep-11 21:01:31

tonight it seems like wind. He's only been down for two hours and has already woken up twice. It's going to be a loooong night.

I'll try getting him to sleep more in the day and see if that helps. I already do kind of co-sleep with him because I put him down in his cot but usually by midnight I'm so tired of getting up that I bring him in bed with me. Not ideal I know but I actually sleep better when he's with me.

thanks for the tips smile

and I dont have any others, this is the first baby so I didnt really know what to expect but I thought by 4 months he'd be sleeping a little better than this!

Caz10 Thu 15-Sep-11 21:56:11

After dd1 my expectations are very low ha ha! But in a way that actually makes it easier, I am resigned to crap sleep and if it gets better then it will be a miracle bonus! I do the same, put her back in her cot after the first couple of wakenings, then in with me after that, I find her sleep becomes lighter towards 3-5am and she is hardest to settle then, cuddles def help! With dd1 we had a little success using things from the no-cry sleep solution, they only worked with dh on board, for eg we set a window, I think 12-4am, and said if she woke then he would settle her, no feeds. Then gradually extended that window. BUT she was around 9mth then, I don't think it's recommended under 6mths.

milkjetmum Sat 17-Sep-11 23:43:05

Have you tried swaddling? I know when my dd was that age she would thrash around and wake herself up and swaddling helped her sleep a bit longer. We even used it during a bad patch at 6 months and it was still effective!

milkjetmum Sat 17-Sep-11 23:43:05

Have you tried swaddling? I know when my dd was that age she would thrash around and wake herself up and swaddling helped her sleep a bit longer. We even used it during a bad patch at 6 months and it was still effective!

HandMini Sun 18-Sep-11 19:47:20

Poor you. I have a 15 week old and am also shattered, but nowhere near your level of night wakings, so can only imagine how tired you must be.

Have you tried a dummy? I've found this helpful in getting my DD off to sleep, and if she wakes and I know it's not hunger (ie she has fed in the last hour), I will pop the dummy back in and it helps soothe her off to sleep sometimes.

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