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child psychologist?

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makemineaginandtonic Thu 15-Sep-11 19:14:56

I am worried about my DD's behaviour. She is 6 and in year 2 and generally does well at school although sometimes is a bit uncooperative. She also seems to lack a bit of confidence. I am mainly worried about her behaviour at home where she has a tendency to get completely worked up to screaming tantrum stage very quickly and then she starts shouting things like "i hate this world" "I wish I was dead" "I'm going to kill my sister". She can be very violent and kicks and punches things and tonight broke a stair post by kicking it.

I was exactly the same when I was young. In the past few years I have been depressed and had counselling and medication and during the process realised I had felt very unloved as a child, probably because I was too busy getting in trouble!!

My concern is that the same pattern is being repeated with my DD. I have been to parenting classes and had a one on one session with an expert, but nothing seems to stop her really full on outbursts and I find it SOO hard to remain calm.

Do you think she would benefit from talking to a counsellor? My initial reaction was to not be so ridiculous, but it has helped me so much I thought maybe it could work for her?? How would I go about arranging it??

WoofToYouTooLady Thu 15-Sep-11 19:16:38

are you in England? school nurse can advise/refer

if not in England then I would say speak to GP

makemineaginandtonic Thu 15-Sep-11 19:22:49

I am in England. Wondered if it was appropriate to approach the school as the behaviour is only evident outside of school.

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