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what does ADHD mean for the future

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bejeezus Wed 14-Sep-11 21:36:13

my 6 year old DD is going to be assessed for ADHD when the appointment is made via the school nurse. She is dyslexic and appears to be hyperactive rather than inattentive.

What does it mean for her future?

Do children grow out of it?

How do adults work if they have ADHD?

Chundle Thu 15-Sep-11 14:18:45

Hi my dd is 7 and she has mainly hyperactive ADHD. She plays for a football team and her coach has ADHD - he is obviously an adult now and manages just fine coaching kids etc I have also met other adults with ADHD and they just seem like 'busy, chatty' people you have probably met loads and never realised it x

bejeezus Thu 15-Sep-11 22:26:22

thanks chundle! Ive done a bit more reading since last night and Im sure you are right. Was feeling quite wobbly.

Can I ask what symptoms your DD has? Our SENCO says it presents differently in girls, often with a more dreamy/away with the fairies quality? Which ours does have but mostly inability to sit still/ stop talking/ constant activity..shes not really naughty in a defiant way--Ive heard it described 'as if driven by a motor' and that describes her perfectly. SHe doesnt REALLY rage, she can lash out (only at me really!) but calms to happy quickly

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