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Is this still reflux??????

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Heliopolis Wed 14-Sep-11 19:40:58

My DS is 14 months, generally bonny by day but a horror at night. Diagnosed with silent reflux at 4 months when he was in so much pain he refused feeds. On ranitidine for a while, then domperidone added, at 7 months omeprazole started and the others dropped, now on omeprazole plus 2ml ranitidine at night. Each time a med is started or increased he improves rapidly but after a week slowly begins to decline again. It's as though his body just produces more and more acid to compensate. Still BF as it's the only thing that seems to help, he can feed up to every 2 hours in night, it also seems to really help his mood by day if he's fussy. If I don't feed him he takes an AGE to settle and is awake crying 20 minutes later anyway.
I'm unsure as to whether this is still reflux or BF dependency to sleep... I try not to feed him to sleep at bedtime but he is usually so tired/sleep deprived that I can't keep him awake. He has a noisy big sister (also had silent reflux until 2 years old) so not always possible to tweak his schedule as much as I would like.
We have both been dairy free for 2 months. No particular improvement. Also sweetcorn seems to trigger a terrible night so we avoid anything with corn. He's been to cranial osteopath and hompeopath. Is it worth getting allergies tested? Paediatrician wants to do a pH probe but I think he will find that extremely distressing plus he's the sort of child who will yank it out if it's at all possible.
When he is ill even with a cold he is obviously in extreme distress and can hardly sleep at all - my gut says it's tummy/reflux, he seems to have an internal spirit level and is only happy when upright or sucking... But my DH thinks it's bahavioural and he just needs to learn to sleep.
Any help gratefully received! New to Mumsnet and desperate to sleep even one short night through. Need to go back to work soon and my brain is like scrambled egg.
A very tired Heliopolis XX

iwillbrushmyteethbefore10am Wed 14-Sep-11 21:21:20

Try cranial osteopathy - it's amazing. (for the baby).

Heliopolis Wed 14-Sep-11 22:15:20

Thank you for advice but we've tried, it works a little but not substantially, we go back every fortnight at the moment. Wondering whether food allergy testing is the way to go. H

tallergirl Wed 14-Sep-11 22:17:29

Well, I just wanted to send you a hug. Our boy had horrendous reflux and constant ear infections. Your older child has had this too so you know he will grow out of it. Which isn't much help when you need to sleep. I breastfeed till 14 months.... and I really hate to say this......he did improve at night when I weaned him. I am sure you know all the tricks..raise bed at one end etc. It is brutal the lack of sleep as they wake all the time.

We found making sure his tummy is not too full or too empty at night helped. He would often wake and want bread (Mop ip the acid?) which did help.

Wean him at night would be my advice. Heartbreaking but true.

Good luck

Heliopolis Thu 15-Sep-11 19:53:54

Thank you! I'm sure you are right, I am only continuing because it gives him such relief, but possibly only temporary relief by the sounds of things... When did your son grow out of it?

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