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Grunting baby

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ollie131 Wed 14-Sep-11 12:09:58

My baby is 2weeks old and for the last 10 days he has been really unsettled at night after feeding. He arches his back after feeds and is difficult to wind. He can settle in the day and sleep peacefully between feeds for 4 hours but at night he seems to want to feed every 2 hours often and cannot settle to sleep in between. He wants to be asleep but grunts and thrashes particularly when in his moses basket. I got some respite putting him in his bouncy chair to sleep in desperation as this is more upright but this isnt even helping now. The dr has prescribed gaviscon for reflux but it isnt making any difference.

I have now tried different bottles and also hungry baby milk but nothing seems to help. I am getting 3 hours sleep in 24 (I have a toddler too) and need some answers. He only settles when you pick him up although sometimes then he is still unconfortable and does not seem to know what to do with imself.

I am also thinking of putting him in his own room but feel it too early, I just need some sleep to function and look after my children safely.

Anyone got any ideas??

Nevercan Wed 14-Sep-11 20:36:53

Does sound a but like colic which is often worse at night. I propped my baby up on a in pillow or you can prop up the Moses basket so their head is raised which helped my dd2 with her reflux. I also give her infacol before each feed at night which brings up all the burps and wind and seems to help.
I put both my kids in their own rooms after a week as their snuffling and grunting kept waking me up even though they didn't necessarily need me

moragbellingham Wed 14-Sep-11 21:07:55

Go back to the GP and say the Gaviscon is not working, there are other things available to try (see the thread on reflux).

My DD was like that for 4-5 months and only slept when not on her back.
I wish I had been more demanding but after a diagnosis of wait for it....colic..... from the hospital I accepted it. I thought she had reflux as the grunting and thrashing was distressing for all and the gradual weight loss was beginning to set in.

Good luck.

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