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10month old DS biting

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baileyslover Wed 14-Sep-11 10:32:15

Not sure if I should be doing something proactive about this or ignore it as just a phase he will grow out of? He is not doing it out of anger or frustration but will bite my cheek/chin when I am cuddling him, and he also does it when playing with other children. He doesn't bite hard but now he has 4 teeth it definately hurts! I say OW when he does it, which usually makes him cry...any thoughts?

nametapes Wed 14-Sep-11 16:56:19

I would also say "NO" very firmly and looks stern. Perhaps saying just "Ow" isnt enough, especially if you look calm, amused by his cuteness.. etc.
Be vigilant about biting as it can continue and you dont want a 3/4 yr old still biting other children at nursery school.

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