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17 month old going through clingy stage?

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MrsCobes44 Wed 14-Sep-11 07:59:40

Hi, not sure if anyone else's little ones suddenly started being really clingy at 17 months? He used to be quite happy playing with his toys etc and investigating anything and everything but for the last week, he is really upset if I move away from him- even getting up quickly to the kettle on and quite often he is cliging to my leg aand just wants to be carried all the time- and he is getting really quite heavy now so it's just not possible to carry him everywhere. He has also startyed waking in the night and waking much earlier in the morning. He cries until you go in and then immediately stops as soon as you pick him up. Just wondering if any one else has been through a similar thing with their little ones?

I am thinking it could just be teeth and a phase but your comments wouild be welcomed!

Mimmit Wed 14-Sep-11 13:47:47

Hi Mrs C. I could have written this too. My 161/2month old DS is just like this and yes, my back is protesting at all the carrying around again. I don't understand it and had thought teething too. He cries when I put him down even if his favourite toy is nearby and cries when I leave the room.
He wakes at night but has never been a good sleeper so nothing new there!
Mine calls out for me repeatedly and I do wonder if part of it is the novelty of being able to call "Mummy" and have me appear- just a thought.
Guess we just have to ride through it. Nice to know it isn't just mine!

MrsCobes44 Wed 14-Sep-11 16:53:45

Thanks Mimmit- good to hear it's not just me grin)

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