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chewing through the dummy. anyone know of an extra durable brand?

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mrswee Mon 12-Sep-11 22:01:39


my almost 2 year old still has her dummy. she is going through about 1 everyday or every two days right now and not only is it potentially dangerous when she bites right through one but also pretty expensive as we use mam ones and the are about a fiver for two!
she knows if she bites through then then they go in the bin and we have even tried to use it to wean her off the dummy but we had a lot of sleepless nights and it's very bad timing because my OH and I are very stressed right now and he has just started a new very early start in the morning job and is in training and it all came to a head after a few nights of no sleep and we gave in after a trip to the 24hr super market.
Anyway the end of the dummy is nigh but not quite yet until we are over the settlinging at OH's new job so for now we need to find a more durable dummy
Anyone else found a soulution to this problem?

mrswee Mon 12-Sep-11 22:06:58

Must ad that she only has the dunny at sleep time but seems to manage to chew through it while settling herself to sleep!

mrswee Wed 14-Sep-11 12:16:40

Anyone? help please? any ideas on what to do, I'm tearing my hair out here and that's another 4 dummies chewed through!

MamaChoo Wed 14-Sep-11 14:57:15

If she's chewing through them is she even using them for their proper ( sucking) purpose at all? Would it be more useful to find something chewable for her, more like some kind of small teething toy? If she's just chewing to wind you up (happens!) then removing the dummy at night shouldn't take more than a few nights for her to get used to at her age, but if she's chewing because anxious, or teeth hurt, it will be a long drawn out process and you might be better off finding something appropriate to replace the dummy with.

messytimemum Wed 14-Sep-11 19:51:20

I agree with mamachoo, sounds like she needs something to chew. Does she have any teething rings? might be worth getting some, just for her to chew on.
As for the dummies, i know that Difrax does a tougher filled dummy though they are expensive, as does bebe-jou who make ones specifically for children who bite through standard dummies. Hope this helps

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