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What to do about dc driving me crazy

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LittleMissProcrastinator Mon 12-Sep-11 18:01:58

I know this sounds awful but the house is so much calmer / quieter when ds is at school. He is 7yrs nearly 8yrs and we have a 2yr old dd. when they are together there is constant mayhem!
DD is too young to understand right from wrong although I am trying to teach her. she is always throwing things, hitting or climbing on ds when he sits or lies on floor. I keep telling him to not sit on floor but two minutes later he is back sat on the floor again.
DS seems to be constantly winding dd up and making her annoyed so then she hits him or throws something at him.
This makes it difficult, I mean should they both get told off?
I wonder sometimes if ds is doing it for attention, but he is going about it all the wrong way.
Please can someone help as it is quite upsetting and to add to it I haven't been well lately.

frutilla Mon 12-Sep-11 21:01:15

Can you make him stay in his room when he is too disruptive as a way of teaching him to cooperate. I try and use diversion tactics when possible, eg let him look at something on youtube to distract him from annoying the little one. If it's just the sitting on the floor thing, tell him the tv goes off unless he's on the sofa and homework has to get done at the table's draining though.

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