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how do i stop my child scratching/ pinching my friends child.

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bikerbecca Fri 09-Sep-11 22:13:35

Hi my 2yr daughter spends two mornings a week with my friend and her 22month old daughter. when they are together most of the time they get on and play nicely, but my daughter for no reason will go over and snatch from the other girl a toy or her dummy. she has now started to pinch and scratch again for no reason. this is causing my friends daughter to become very wary (push away) when ever my daughter and the other child she spends time with comes near her that she is going to get hurt.
Me and my friend both tell my daughter off when she does anything and she gets two min time out and told to say sorry.
My daughter goes to nursery one morning a week and we do a music group once a week so she is around other children of different ages quite a bit and i don't have any issues.
What can i and my friend do to resolve this, please help

skybluepearl Fri 09-Sep-11 22:20:31

is she getting lots of attention through your reaction? don't give her lots of attention by telling her off. just quickly put her in a boring room and simply/calmly say 'you are in time out for hurting xxx'. then give all your attention to the victim.

also can you take a step back and think about why she is scratching? does she want your attention? can you praise gentle behaviour and interact with her more?

bikerbecca Fri 09-Sep-11 22:40:08

i just pick her up and put her on the bottom step in the hallway and tell she has just hurt her friend. then i go calm the other girl down and play with her. then i go back and get my daughter and explain she has to say sorry, if she wont say sorry she gets another time out until she says sorry.
I've tried to think why she has started doing it but can't spot any trigger as of yet just don't understand why she is not like it with other children.
i spend a lot of time with my daughter playing, reading cooking and music groups.
was worried that she needed to be around other kids more so that's why she goes to nursery one morning a week to help her to know how to play with other kids and share, they have not had any issues that they have mentioned to me as of yet.

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