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Need advice - what do to about this child?

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farming4 Thu 08-Sep-11 14:33:35

Hi, ds1 (8) used to be good friends with this little lad when he was at playschool - went round to play etc etc, then they lost touch when they went to different schools. Fastforward 4 years and this child starts ds's gymnastics class and starts causing trouble - acusing ds of wanting to kill him, he was going to get him, saying ds had kicked him and basically doing all he could to get him into trouble.

Thankfully the gym teacher had known ds for 3 years and knew it was trouble making so didn't take much notice. Anyway ds has now moved gym class so they should no longer see each other - problem solved.

Ds started tae kwondo last term and loves it. Picked him up last week and he was in tears - eventually he told me that this child had also started the class and at the very start had gone up to the teacher and told him that ds was going to kick his head in after the class. Teacher understandably took both boys aside and had a word and told them he would be watching them and to stay away from each other during class.

This week ds states that he doesn't want to go back in case he was there. Had a long chat and promised I would stay and watch the class. Anyway when I was there the childs live-in nanny was there so I decided to have a chat re the lad. Nanny basically said that the child has a persecution complex and that he imagines everyone is out to get him. She also said she would speak to his parents and make them aware. Only problem she says that they really aren't interested and take his side and will believe their son over anyone else. (Nanny leaves in a month as she's had enough).

Anyway what I'm asking is what do I do about my son and how do we deal with the situation. He has not fallen out with the child, to my knowledge has never done anything to the child and until 6 mths ago hadn't seen him for over 3 years! Ds has got to the stage that he is refusing to go to tae kwondo cos he doesn't want to be blamed for something he hasn't done. I've got to say that I believe ds as I know of other parents who have had similar problems with this particular child.

Sorry its so long and thanks if you've got this far!

mumfromspace Thu 08-Sep-11 16:36:49

I think if your DS is going to come into contact with this boy, and it seems his parents aren't going to step up to the mark, I'd ask the nanny to speak with the tutor to let him know what's going on, (so he doesn't just think you are being a blinkered parent) and if your DS comes across this boy in other groups etc to always make sure RIGHT AWAY that they know the history, that way they will be prepared when this boy does his drama acting!! Xx

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