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does this routine seem ok?

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munkeychops Mon 05-Sep-11 09:33:37

Hi people,

Just wondering what people think of the below as a routine that my LO and me have naturally fallen into. She is 10 weeks old. She is my first kid so just wanting some advice/input as to whether this sounds about right or if there is anything I should be doing differently. I'm not doing things by the dead on the clock or anything, but the timings seem to end up pretty much these anyway. Thanks!

7am – wake and feed
10am feed
1pm feed
4pm feed
6.45 bath every other night (alternate nights just put pyjamas on)
7.00 feed - put down after next time half asleep, can sometimes be straight away other times an hour (sleeps in own room now)
... generally wakes for two feeds between going down and morning, usually midnight and 5am, goes straight back down after ...

No set routine for naps – tends to have 3-4 during the day, either in swing chair, pram, on me or in cot. Don’t want to get too regimented about where/when they are as feel will tie me to the house – trying to encourage meg to feel comfortable to nap wherever.

All bottles 150ml, has between 120 and 150ml.

CompactDisc Mon 05-Sep-11 13:11:08

Hi Munkeychops,

At the end of the day, simple, do what feels right for you! It's your child, your family and your routine. As I can see from what you've done above, you DO take care of your baby. So, don't worry, relax, just do what comes naturally hey?

Later CD

MockingbirdsNotForSale Mon 05-Sep-11 13:13:03

Looks like a nice routine. smile.

Hippymum89 Mon 05-Sep-11 13:52:38

Yep, pretty much sound nomal, as soon as you get settled it will chnge though!! Little monkeys like to keep us on our toes smile

Tigresswoods Mon 05-Sep-11 13:54:09

Sounds good. I remember at 12 weeks I decided DS was going to bed at 7pm from then on. This meant I got him up at 7am... you're already there!

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