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night time is going from bad to worse since we went on holiday- 10month old

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lucylev Mon 05-Sep-11 08:00:04

we went abroad for a week on the 24th Aug and since we have been back all nap and night times have been awful, before holiday they were v good awake 6.30am nap at 9 and again 1ish and bath/bed 7pm- My daughter now hates her cot and sobs uncontrollably every time we put her down for naps/bed.. during our holiday nap times were at the same time but She was outside in her pram or cuddled with us.. bed time for her was later 8 ish which she would fall asleep in her pram we would then put her into the travel cot once we were back in our room at hotel, she woke through out the night ( was v hot ) and hated being put back into her travel cot and as i couldnt really let her cry out i ended up singing her back off to sleep in our bed, since we arrived home last wednesday she crys alot we end up putting her down in which she rolls over and sits up and crys, we have been leaving it ten or so mins each time before going in and just popping her straight back down on back and coming out her room, last night her crying got so loud She came in to our bed ( am constantly worryting about neibours above as they have a young boy whos room is above hers)
anyone have any suggestions to get her back on track??? i knew that she may be a little out of sorts during holiday but didnt think she would be this bad. any ideas would be much appreciated thanks smile

Fiolondon Mon 05-Sep-11 22:27:00

Hi. Presumably you've checked she's not ill or teething etc?
I can't offer any particular solutions other than I'm finding the no-cry sleep solution book useful. Lots of gentle ideas to try although it takes time. My dd is much more needy than her brother and I'm managing to extend the amount of time she sleeps in her cot, rather than with me, thro this book. Hth.

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