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9 month old and potential constipaion

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gardenveggies Mon 05-Sep-11 07:48:24

my 9 month DS looks like he's going to explode when he tries to do a poo. The result suggests that constipation may be awaiting him.

He has a great diet, loads f fruit and handful of prunes a day.

What foods shall I avoid or encourage?


woopsidaisy Mon 05-Sep-11 09:51:23

Hi gardenveggies. My DS1 has a very limited diet,and is really prone to constipation. He is six now,and takes a movicol sachet morning and night which keeps him regular. But we had plenty of "issues" getting to this stage.
This chart will help you to see if his stools are constipated. Small babies do sometimes look as though they are having a good old push when doing a poo. But may not be constipated.
And you can actually be constipated and have loose stools. If you are blocked up higher up it can result in loose stools. So if you really think he is constipated, seek help from Practise Nurse or HV. Or even GP.
The fruit and prunes are great. Is he taking water too?

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