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How much does your lo sleep during the day?

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funnylittlekaty Sun 04-Sep-11 21:31:40

Just wondering really. My ds is 16 weeks and sleeps 7-10.30, v quick dream feed, 11.15-5/6, in our bed for a feed then off again til about 7.30 but only ever manages 2-2 1/2 hours in the day. Generally an hour in the morning and an hour over lunch. Is this enough? What do your little ones have/need?
Fanking you xxx

peedieworky Sun 04-Sep-11 21:40:27

Hi - my DS is 15 weeks (just!) & EBF. Sleeps 10 to 12 hours straight at night and has two day naps. Vary in length but generally a long morning nap - often 2 hours and and another in the afternoon - 45 mins to 2 hours (very variable). All in all rarely more than a total of 3 hours during the day.

iwillbrushmyteethbefore10am Thu 08-Sep-11 20:28:37

Mine is 15 weeks, 7 - 10.30 with very quick feed, then 10.50 - 7.30 straight. about 40 min nap in the day if I'm lucky.

Minshu Thu 08-Sep-11 22:36:36

Sounds like you are all doing well overnight. My DD wasn't too bad at night (two or three feeds) when that little, but rarely slept for more than 45 minutes at a time during the day.

Three short naps at that age, then two from 9 months, then down to one long nap from about 14 months.

Zimbah Sat 10-Sep-11 20:34:01

Interested in responses. My 16week old has 4 naps usually, generally one is about an hour and the others are maybe half an hour. I think she'd be better with two longer naps plus a short one as she's tired so soon after waking from each nap, but I haven't managed to get her to sleep longer. She tends to sleep from around 7.30pm-7am with quite a few breastfeeds in the night.

AlwaysRocking Sat 10-Sep-11 20:36:51

My dd is 18wo and sleeps 7 till 7 with two feeds in between. She probably has about 2 1/2 hrs of naps in the day, but often has several small naps rather than longer ones.

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