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7 year old getting very upset at noises

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Poweredbypepsi Sat 03-Sep-11 22:03:47

My 7 year old has always liked a certain amount of peace but as she gets older her aversion to noise is getting worse. I know that no one likes for example a baby crying but her reaction is totally over the top, tonight for example my 1 year old was crying and she started screaming and crying wriggling around and putting her hands over her ears.

She has problems in less obvious circumstances as well for example in school she has trouble making friends and all she will say is that the classroom is too loud (i have been told that there are a number of disruptive children in her class so it possibly is loud but again her reaction seems out of proportion).

Another example is a school disco she begged and begged me to take her (parents stayed) but we had only been there a minute when she started crying and even though i tried everything to get her to relax as did some of the other mums and one of the dinner ladies who saw how upset she was i ended up leaving with her after only about 15 minutes.

Our house is not quiet she is the oldest of four but at the same time I dont think it is devastatingly loud either i am sure her classroom isnt as bad as she makes out as well so I dont get whats going on.

She wont talk to her teacher and when i suggest that the volume of the classroom contributes to her lack of interest in making friends (she does well with school work but struggles socially) it just sounds like a i am critisizing which i am really not I am simply repeating what she has told me!

Her hearing has been tested and is fine, any ideas what i can do to help her?

isitmidnightalready Sun 04-Sep-11 02:58:34

I am the same with noise - I hate to have too much of it and it physically irritates me - it is like having a small pain. If you have a health visitor coming around for the younger children, maybe you could talk it through with her.

I am sure that your daughters situation it is manageable and you are already aware of what the triggers are, and so now you need to figure out how to avoid them or to learn some coping mechanisms together. Maybe the noises at school are the icing on the cake for her not coping brilliantly with the hustle & bustle & slight chaos of any family's life.

Sounds a bit disjoiunted but I know what I mean.

oddgirl Sun 04-Sep-11 09:49:50

It sounds as though she has a degree of hyperacusis (very sensitive hearing) which is when the hearing is essentially fine but some children hear certain sounds and its literally painful for them (think fingernails on a blackboard). It may not even be the actual volume but more the pitch that bothers her. Some children get this with other sensory processing difficulties (hyper or hyposensitive to touch for example) and some get it in isolation. Does your DD have other issues-ie does she complain about clothes being itchy/ she a fussy eater etc.Does she find it hard to follow instruction/concentrate etc
My DS has some sensory processing issues as part of a bigger problem (ASD and dyspraxia). I took him to an excellent audiologist who wrote to the school with some tips to manage listening problems. One thing she did say with DS dislike of sister crying was to find a youtube clip of a crying baby and get him to listen to it and gradually increase the volume until his tolerance improved. This did help quite a bit.

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