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Bed Hopping i getting silly what can I do??

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mummyemily Sat 03-Sep-11 18:43:03

Hi my son jut turned 5 has been bed hopping for about six month now and it is now effecting him and me! He moved into a mid sleeper last year due the lack of place for his toys, in the beginning he stayed in it all night for the last six months this has been the routine he has got into - bedtime has story lights out within 15 minutes I hear him move into my bed, go up put him in his bed 10 minutes back in mine sound asleep, i go to bed and put him back in his bed, then anywhere between 12pm and 3am he is up again if his dad hasnt gone to bed he is in with me again if dad is in bed as well he moves into the spare room (very bare and uninviting) . Have spoken to him and ak if there is anything "scarey" in his room I have swapped mattress, quilt and pillows from the spare bed to his and it hasnt made any difference, asked if he i too hot or cold- nothing. Now he says its because when he goes to the toliet at night he is struggling to climb the ladder and climb to the pillow end!
I have thought of several things i can do but am not sure if any of them are ideal
1. put locks on the outside of the spare and my bedroom doors (but it wont stop him coming into me when i have gone to bed)
2. take him out of the mid sleeper and get him a standard bed
3. take away his night time drink so he wont need the toliet after bed
any other ideas or if anyone has had the same issue

defineme Sat 03-Sep-11 22:31:07

Put him on the mattress on the floor-if it is the height then you'll find out.
He probably will still need the toilet even if you take the drink away.
Have you tried rewards for staying in his own bed?
Does he have a night light? My dd will come into me if I haven't left the landing light on.

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