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Given up the Dummy - today!!

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beck79 Fri 02-Sep-11 20:30:46

Hey all,

I appreciate not everyone will agree that I have decided to give up my daughter's dummy today, at 19 months - but that is our decision.

What I'm looking for is some advice on what to do in the night ahead.

Today she has been brilliant - been fine all day without her dummy. Bumped her head and was consoled with just her muslin (she would normally have both as 2 comforters but I'm only getting rid of the dummy). She had her daytime nap, falling alseep in the pushchair with no dummy and no problems.

She went into her cot at 7pm and grizzled and cried on and off till 7.40. She never went hysterical though, sometimes grizzling, other times talking but struggled to settle alone. She normally self settles with her dummy & snuggly, but she needed some help from me tonight, so I patted her back and after around 3 mins she was asleep.

What do I do in the night though, as I have no doubts she will wake up when she tries to find her dummy in her sleep!! I don't want to go from giving up the dummy to finding we always have to settle her. But I do need to realise she has used a dummy for 19 months and today has done soooooo well but I can't expect her to just get over it in a few hours.

What is the best way to deal with the nightime waking, without moving over to her always needing us to settle her in place of her dummy.

Please advise, thanks

amistillsexy Fri 02-Sep-11 20:34:54

Just soothe her when she wakes (if she does!), and give her the muslin. Keep the lights off (or low, if she has a night light), and try not to pick her up (obviously, unless she's totally inconsolable!).

And whatever you do, DON'T mention the 'D' word!

If it's bad tonight, bear in mind it will be better tomorrow grin.

beck79 Sat 03-Sep-11 16:58:38

Wow! Not a bad night at all!
She coped brilliant all day yesterday and then went to bed at 7pm. I gave her the muslin but she struggled, understandably, to settle herself. I kept going in and reassuring her and she eventually fell asleep at 7.40 (about normal) after I'd patted her back for about 3 mins.
She cried out in her sleep twice in the night but we didn't need to go into her and then at midnight she cried properly. My husband went in, sat her back down, stroked her head and left the room & she was fine! We just couldn't believe it!
She had a major paddy this morning though about going in her car seat so we started driving hoping she would settle down! Sadly we got stuck in traffic and she just screamed and screamed for 10 mins and screamed herself to sleep. I felt just terrible, so guilty but when she woke up she's forgotten the whole thing and does'nt think I'm a bad mother!!
Slightly nervous about tonight as I'm wondering if we've been lulled into a falst sense of security, but we'll see how it goes!!
Thanks for your good advice amistillsexy!

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