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2yo taking clothes and nappy off

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Cheaptrick Fri 02-Sep-11 09:41:44


My 2 year old has started to take all his clothes off and his nappy ( He is not potty trained yet) and run around the livingroom. He is refusing to put them back on and runs off so i can't put a nappy on him.

Is this normal? confused

How to i handle it?

Is he asking to be potty trained or just playing up?

So far today he has weed 2 times on the floor and once in the potty.

Any help, tips or advice much needed please confused

naturalbaby Fri 02-Sep-11 10:09:19

my 2yr old does the same. no tips or advice, i'm just trying to keep my eye on him at all times. he will wee in the potty but not quite ready for proper potty training. i potty trained ds1 at 26months though.

pull ups? my 2yr old is stripping to put on ds1's night time pull ups.

Octaviapink Fri 02-Sep-11 13:20:34

Perfectly normal - and the first stage of learning to dress himself. He's not 'playing up' he's developing new skills. Also he probably quite likes having access to his bits. If it's warm where you are, I'd just let him run around naked. If he wees on the floor, tell him that if he wees in the potty he'll get a chocolate button.

Cheaptrick Fri 02-Sep-11 13:43:35

Thank you for the replies and the reassurance.

I went out and got him big boy pull up pants with lighting mcqueen on so he is very happy now. We have had two wee's on the floor and one in the potty and got a choclate star as a reward. I haven't stoped him from taking his clothes off i have just told him if he needs a wee or poo he needs to go on the potty just like pirate pete does grin

He is good at getting dressed by himself and has been able to take his top and bottoms off for over a year now but i think he has just relised he can take all of them off confused

He has gone to nursary now and i have told them we have started potty training - i'm a bit worried about it but i guess he is ready now. He seems happy to go on the potty and seems to want to do it.

He did take his pull up pants off and had pooed, went it went on the floor he was a bit hmm and then went "yuk" but at least he tried to get to the potty grin

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