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Does my baby have a problem?

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jimper Wed 31-Aug-11 13:50:43

My DD (now 12 weeks) can't fix and follow close up and has a flicker in her eyes that I notice every so often. When she is sitting up and I call her name she searches for me everywhere, but can't find me, but when she is lying down she can find me no problem. I am overseas so medical opinions are not easy to come by, but of course I will take any action necessary - thought I would make this my first stop.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Wed 31-Aug-11 14:07:43

Babies eyes do flicker about a bit I think (from what I remember). I would sometimes hold my baby up in front of my face and try to get their attention and they would often look everywhere but my face. That's a normal thing, can't remember why exactly, something to do with them not realising that you and they are seperate people and so they don't bother looking at you but instead at the wall behind you as that's more interesting.

Could be nothing but doesn't hurt to get it checked.

nenevomito Wed 31-Aug-11 15:54:33

At 12 weeks old their focus isn't so great - can't see across a room, for example. How they can find you with their eyes will depend on a lot - distance, where you are, what you have behind you (e.g. blue jumper against a blue sofa IYSWIM.)

What kind of baby care do you have where you are? In the UK the first port of call for concerns is the HV, but I'd say at 12 weeks there's not too much to worry about at the moment.

Janoschi Wed 31-Aug-11 19:12:03

Our little one has only just started fixing us in the eye and tracking toys - she's 15 weeks. She used to look straight through us, which was a tad disconcerting!

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