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What games can I play with my 12 week old?

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Justfeckingdoit Wed 31-Aug-11 10:04:17

My DD is 12w and is alert and awake for a good part of the day.

She is PFB smile and I don't have much experience with babies, so am making it up as I go along!

I sing to her and play a few silly games with her, but would love some more ideas.


KnockedUpMell Wed 31-Aug-11 10:11:51

have you tried reading? i never thought of it till we were given a couple of books when DS was 2 months old. He loves them! He now has a little library of his own and some favourites. Try board books with lift the flap (some have mirrors in them which he loves), or touchy feely ones with different textures.

I went for mum and baby yoga, and we still do some of the rhymes / moves that i learnt there. would def recommend going for something similar just to learn baby rhymes / action songs to keep her entertained.

My DS isn't allowed tv, but if he was allowed his way, would happily watch it for a while. (depends on your views on tv, and whether you think children's tv is good for their development)

Justfeckingdoit Wed 31-Aug-11 10:24:14

Mum and baby yoga and reading both great ideas, have been thinking about both, but was not sure if she was too young.

She likes watching cricket! And "helps" me use the iPad. It has tiny hand prints all over it.

rocketty Wed 31-Aug-11 10:27:23

Hide and seek? Hide baby in cot with interesting mobile, sit down with coffee and newspaper, seek baby 30 minutes later or if she cries.

Seriously, seriously make the most of the fact that she doesn't need entertaining 24/7 and you're not hearing shouts of Mummy!!!! every 10 seconds.

AKMD Wed 31-Aug-11 10:42:12

Check out the Rhyme Time sessions at your local library - they are really good for action songs.

Rhythm Kids/baby yoga is a good one to start before they can roll over.

Swimming is great. You can get body warmers so you can go in for more than 5 minutes if the pool isn't too cold.

Baby massage is excellent for helping babies build awareness of their own bodies.

When DS was still in the pram, he loved being taken for walks in the park and looking up at the trees - the lower the better! Lots of giggles there.

You could check to see if anywhere local to you does 'Fit to Push' or a similar exercise class for mums with babies in prams/pushchairs. That's to get you fit, not the baby ;)

If you have a local garden centre, take your DD to see the different plants, smell the herbs, stroke the different textured leaves.

DS was PFB too, can you tell? grin

Justfeckingdoit Wed 31-Aug-11 10:50:21

smile at rocketty can you tell what "game" I am playing at the moment!

We call it the mumsnet game.

AKMD liking the garden centre idea to keep her entertained so I can go and buy some more plants

glitch Wed 31-Aug-11 10:55:21

Sleeping lions?

Justfeckingdoit Wed 31-Aug-11 11:49:37

Liking your work glitch

notcitrus Wed 31-Aug-11 15:12:52

I used to do head, shoulders knees and toes, and other games, at nappy change time. More for my own amusement!

Mobiles and rocking swings started being great shortly after this but mainly it was 'see how many biscuits Mummy can eat when meeting other mummies'...

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