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Great bed routine. But ... DS 2 wakes in the night and ends up in bed with us!

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FuntoLearn Tue 30-Aug-11 21:43:37

Hi all,

Some advice here would be great.

We have a good bed time routine - dinner/bath/bed always the same....

Our DS is 2 and goes to bed at 7pm each night. One of us will cuddle up with him with a bottle of C&G 1-2yr formula milk on his junior bed and he normally falls to sleep straight away. He normally drinks all of his milk.

However, he stirs at around 11pm (probably because he has misplaced his dummy) and sometimes we will give him another bottle if he wont settle back off to sleep.

During the night (2am) he often wakes and stands by his door (by babygate) crying for mummy/daddy etc. He then ends up in bed with us as DH just brings him in!!! He then fidgets for ages and lies on each of us until 5-6am when he wakes - demanding his milk.

Regardless of whether he has ended up in our bed or stayed in his junior bed, DS is usually awake at 5-6am and and shouts out for his milk - which one of us duly gets!

I know this is ridiculous - and some advise would be really appreciated.

1. For him to sleep a whole night through
2. For him to not be demanding milk all the time during the night (he doesnt have any during the day)
3. To keep him in his bed ALL night.

Many thanks all - any comments would be welcome.

PS. We didnt have this problem with our DD who is now 7 smile

FuntoLearn Tue 30-Aug-11 22:33:01

Sorry to bump but has anyone got any useful tips?
Thanks in advance smile

skorpion Wed 31-Aug-11 13:43:22

Sorry, no advice, but will watch this. Our DD is 21 months and has been coming into our bed every night for probably about six months now. She doesn't drink milk in the evening (well, at all actually) and takes about an hour to hour and a half at bedtime routine.

We don't really mind that much at the moment, as she sleeps well in our bed, but I am just about to deliver her little sister and would like to see advice on how to get her to sleep through. I'm thinking having both of them in our room will mean none of us get much sleep...

Sorry to hijack. Hope you get some good advice soon!

AngryFeet Wed 31-Aug-11 13:48:41

DD still does this and is 7 next week! We managed to stop her for a while with a star chart and babygate but then she learnt to silently climb over the bloody gate angry. The problem I find is that you are often so tired at 2am that you just can't be bothered to fight. If I were you I would talk to DH and say you need to nip it in the bud now (so you don't end up like me grin), use a star chart if he is not too young and he gets a sticker every night he stays in his own bed then a prize at the end of each week. You need to be firm though and keep putting him back when he gets up even if he cries. Start at the weekend maybe so DH doesn't need to be up for work.

Now maybe I should start practising what I preach.... grin

MigGril Wed 31-Aug-11 15:43:12

Ok think it's quit normal to be honist. DD still woke for milk during the night untill she was 2 1/2years old. Still ocasionaly wakes now at four but managed to started sleeping through most nights when she droped the milk.

I actualy didn't do anything to make her drop the milk she just did it on her own. So no great words of wisdom, appart from he will sleep through eventualy.

FuntoLearn Thu 01-Sep-11 10:57:48

Thank you. We are going to try the rapid return from Friday night - I will report back how it went ... smile Thanks all x

FuntoLearn Mon 12-Sep-11 20:59:43

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in returning to the post. DS had croup (now treated with steroids interestingly) and then cold so wasnt up for trying anything until all cleared up.

However, we have now started Rapid Return.

1oth Sept Sat Night:
Milk and bed at 7pm.
Woke at 12.30.
57 Rapid returns later at 2.30 he went to sleep.
woke at 7am and walked into our bedroom as if nothing had happened. Morning Milk.

11th Sept Sun Night:
Milk and Bed at 7pm.
Stirred at 10pm. Didnt go into his room.
Woke at 12 and spend around 1 hour 25-30 rapid returns. Went to sleep at 1.15am.
Woke at 6am. Slept in our bed for 30 mins then milk.

Wish me luck for tonight. We are going to crack this.


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