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2yo and very piercing screaming!

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olivo Tue 30-Aug-11 21:20:56

DD has just turned tow and produces the most piercing screams I have ever heard. DD1 was never a screamer so I'm not sure how normal this is, or not! SHe has a slight expressive speech delay, so I have no doubt that some of it comes from frustration, but even when she laughs, she often also screams, and she does it for attention often. is ther a way to stop it? i just usually say - no thank you, no screaming, or i ignore it, but it's doing my head in!

kd73 Tue 30-Aug-11 21:25:00

DD1 is 2.8 and is doing exactly the same. I spend my life saying saying, no screaching to be told its a whistle!!!

So you have my sympathies and if you find a way to stop it, please post on hear for me!

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