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5 and 6 yr old boys. Rubbish attention span?

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IvaNighSpare Tue 30-Aug-11 15:54:11

My DS will be 6 next month, and in every other way is showing to be an intelligent and typical little boy. But his ability to carry out tasks is infuriating. He becomes distracted by the simplest little thing and frequently needs to be sent back to do what he was asked to do several times, things such as getting dressed, finding his shoes etc. It drives me batty and tries my patience big-time.
DD wasn't like this at the same age. Any parents of boys going through the same thing?

carocaro Tue 30-Aug-11 17:45:28

Sounds like boys, simple short instructions work best and one at a time eg: get shoes on and when that is done, get coat on and so on. They also can't do stuff when you just shout/yell at them, they have to be looking at you to get the info. We women/girls pop pop with info all over the show, boys/men tick it off a list.

DS1 now 9 was a bugger for this, but he is better now and he just does the no brainer stuff eg: wash teeth, brush hair without being told, thank goodness. I did think at one time to buy a dictaphone so I could record my voice and then just press repeat to save my time and effort.

MogTheForgetfulCat Wed 31-Aug-11 20:50:09

Oooh, this is DS1 completely (he is 5.6) - he is such a butterfly brain, has to be asked over and over to do his teeth, get dressed etc. He's not being naughty, just has the attention span of a gnat. DH calls him 'Wilson' after the similarly ditsy train in Chuggington. Oh, bumpers.

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