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Sudden aversion to carseat & pushchair

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Tigresswoods Mon 29-Aug-11 14:20:47

OK I had a quick look through old threads to see if this had come up recently but all the others seem to be about little babies.

DS is 18 months and has suddenly decided that he doesn't like getting in his car seat or his buggy. Short of bribing him with raisins (or worse) everytime he has to get into one of these does anyone have any tips or even just a friendly, "This too will pass".

As far as the buggy goes he can obviously walk although we are still in the stage of thinking walking very slowly in any direction than the one we should be going in is fun.

So what do you think, is bribery my only option?

EBDteacher Mon 29-Aug-11 14:41:52

My DS hold himself like a (shouty) plank sometimes when we try to put him in his car seat. However, he only has the strength to do it for 30s or so, so we just wait until he collapses and whip the straps on him while he gathers his energy!

An0therName Mon 29-Aug-11 15:09:40

very normal - both my DS have done it - and it doesn't last that long-few weeks - maybe
you could look at borrowing a carrier of some kind while it does -
but the number of things that he is going not to like is only going to get longer so most of the time I just insist - sounds a bit harsh maybe but I don't think I would get in bribery for something you are going to have to do a few times a day. we do have interesting books and toys in the car which helps

Tigresswoods Mon 29-Aug-11 16:44:13

Thanks for the posts. Toys made a difference this afternoon. Think you are right about bribery.

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