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Is he about to crawl?!

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roundthehouses Sun 28-Aug-11 21:06:48

ds2 is only just 6mo.. he is already miles more active than his brother at this age. ds1 i don´t think EVER rolled off the sofa or bed, he barely rolled at all only really getting into it, in his now trademark laconic manner, about 9/10mo. I can´t remember when he crawled, probably about the same time, and walked at 15mo. All in all it was rather handy as he tended to stay where I put him and not get up to mischief.

ds2 is almost, but not quite, sitting unsupported and recently pulling his knees right up under his tummy (when on his front) and supporting himself on his elbows! I am terrified our relative peace is about to come to an abrupt end wink does it sound like he is about to crawl or could he be doing this for ages yet (hoping and praying for the latter!)

Redumbdancy Sun 28-Aug-11 21:19:41

My 3 did that for a while and then progressed on to rocking back and forth on their hands and knees for a while and then took off with proper crawling at around 6mo IIRC.

mumatron Sun 28-Aug-11 21:29:31

Yep, dd2 started that just before 6 months, she's 7.5 months now and can just about crawl. She prefers a more commando roll type move though. I think its quicker for her.

All 3 of my dc have been crawling by 7ish months and the older 2 both walking by 9 months.

It's the only thing making me look forward to going back to work next month! grin

Ozziegirly Mon 29-Aug-11 07:02:22

My DS did similar and was crawling by 6 months. He went onto all fours, then moved onto rocking, then going backwards and then forwards, in the space of about a week.

Pulled up at 7 months.

He didn't walk until 11 months though, he is such a quick crawler I think he was thinking "why bother?"!

julezboo Mon 29-Aug-11 07:07:02

Ds3 is just 7 mOnths n did similar, then he rocked back and forth for about 3 weeks then in the last week he's sat himself up, crawled and attempting to climb uP things!

mejon Mon 29-Aug-11 15:11:12

DD2 is 7 months this week and in the last month or so has gone from commando rolling to commando crawling - and she's quick - especially when she sees the cat! She will go on all fours and push her bottom up into the air and do that back and forth rocking motion thing so I've no doubt she'll be crawling 'properly' very soon. She's been pulling herself up to stand for several months - loves just standing and looking around. I'm having to get a new fire-guard far sooner than I'd imagined!

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