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Separation Anxiety at Night, 13 month old? Any Advice Please!

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SharkSkinThing Sun 28-Aug-11 07:49:17

Sorry - a bit long, but in desperate need of guidance/reassurance!

My DS is 13 months old, and has never been the greatest of sleepers (frequent night wakings and very early mornings), but we had managed to arrive at what was a pretty good phase over the last few weeks, with him sleeping through from 7pm - 5.30am. No CC, nothing weird to help, just patience and letting him self-settle with his dummy where possible.

I went back to work at the end of July, and for the first 3 weeks DP filled in the gaps with childcare. Two weeks ago I started the settling in with the childminder. It has been a breeze - he's been fine, and ate and slept well. Until Thursday night (after his first longer day).

He took almost an hour to go down, and I had to let him cuddle and fall asleep on me before putting him down and also lying next to the cot to stroke his hand.

He then woke every 2 hours, and was inconsolable until I went and laid down on the floor next the cot.

Friday at the childminders he cried when I left and when I picked him up (normal, I know), but again was happy after a short period. But we've had the night/waking thing ever since.

I am happy to do as much reassurance as he needs to help him through this transition but I don;t want to find that a month has passed and I'm constantly sleeping on the nursery floor!

Has anyone else experienced this/has any advice?? Will it pass?

Thanks. x

Tamdin Sun 28-Aug-11 11:11:46

poor you and ds sad

I had a vaguely similar thing when ds1 started school (he'd been at home with me until pre-school).

He loved the first day as he was only in until 12 but the next day he was in a full long day until 2.30 and it completely threw him. He was very shaky looking when I collected him and that night was clingy and upset about the idea of going back to school the next day.

This went on for the first few weeks so we went back to co-sleeping and lots of reassurance and it did eventually pass. He went back to his own bed happily when he was over the separation anxiety.

I know it is harder for you though as my ds was 4 and could communicate his anxieties and concerns but my advice would be do whatever you need to do to reassure/comfort him and it will pass.

Does he seem happy with the cm?

DecapitatedLegoman Sun 28-Aug-11 11:19:44

At that age could it be that he's not getting enough daytime sleep with the CM so is overtired and unsettled as a result?

SharkSkinThing Sun 28-Aug-11 18:07:30

Thank you both - I appreciate your input.

He's getting enough daytime sleep, as far as I can tell and she is very, very in tune with the napping needs as her own DS is the same age as mine, so has the same needs.

He also seems very, very happy with the CM, and is very comfortable with her.

I guess we will just have to ride it out and keep the cuddle quota high! x

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