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Bad constipation under 1year - anyone else?

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Phewsers Sat 27-Aug-11 19:52:30

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone else's baby suffered with this at all and if so, how they coped with the MMR jab. My baby suffered with very bad constipation after starting weaning, this continued for 4 months until he was put on movicol rather than just lactulose. He is still on a small amount of movicol per day. For some reason I'm worried about him having his MMR jab after all the probs with constipation so I wondered if anyone else's baby had had bad constipation problems then been fine with the MMR jab? I guess I just need a bit of hand holding, he has his jab coming up next week.

Thanks in advance for any replie

Dippy001 Sat 27-Aug-11 21:08:26

My LO had very bad constipation at that age and was fine with the MMR jab, not sure why you're linking the 2 things?

She tried lactulose and then was given soduim picosulphate. I'm not sure what has changed but she is fine now on that front (14 months old).

The MMR was however not pleasant but it was 2 minutes of screaming in pain and massive cuddles for the rest of the day.

Brewster Sat 27-Aug-11 22:22:29

Again not sure what the link is but my bub started having constipation at weaning.
It is good to hear you have moved from the lactulose to the movicol if needed.
My son is now 3 and we have had to go see a private consultant as it all got so bad. He is now on movicol and senna.

Whatever you do dont let them tell you he iwll grow out of it if you feel as a mum that you know he probably wont!

noblegiraffe Sun 28-Aug-11 01:07:39

Constipation from weaning for my DS too, managed by lactulose and glycerin suppositories as and when. No problems at all with the MMR.

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