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2.9yo suddenly clingy/has separation anxiety - related to imminent new baby?

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tiokiko Sat 27-Aug-11 14:20:10

I'm 34w pregnant with DC2, DD is 2.9 and we told her about the new baby about 5 weeks ago.

She has been really interested in the baby, asking questions, finding nice toys that she wants to share with him/her etc. We haven't spoken lots about the baby, just let her talk about it so it doesn't feel like 'The Baby' is taking over things already, IYSWIM.

There have been a couple of instances over the past few days where she doesn't want to do things she normally loves if I'm not there; when I was out for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon (she knew where I was) she wouldn't settle and when I came home told me she thought I was lost; then last night she woke at 5am crying that she wanted to come into our bed. It took about 40 mins to settle her in her own bed then she slept fine.

So it seems like it could be related to the new baby as nothing else has changed in her life and she's usually a really happy, flexible wee girl who is happy to go with her dad/GPs etc without a backward glance to me.

Any suggestions for how to handle things over the next few weeks to reassure her?

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