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5 year old suffering embarrassment/redness

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zopoll Thu 25-Aug-11 19:31:06

Hi, not sure if anyone can give me some advice or put my mind at rest about this. My 5 year old son get's very red in the face whenever he is spoken to by an adult or if he has to go and speak to another child or many other occassions. Whilst he isn't all that shy at the moment, I am worried that this embarrassment is just the start of it and he will become shy as a result from it, and eventually withdraw into himself. I say this because I suffered terribly as a child from this and still do as an adult. I know how much it has held me back in life and would do anything to prevent my own son from befalling the same fate. Can anyone offer me advice on how to help my child through this before it does escalate into a huge problem? Thanks

boxoftricks Thu 25-Aug-11 19:32:43

is he aware that he gets very red in the face?
reassure him that the people he is chatting to are ok, let him see you chatting, try and involve him in everyday conversation, and perhaps social tasks, so for instance, shopping on conveyor belt, handing over money to shop keepers,

zopoll Fri 26-Aug-11 07:44:14

I don't think he is aware that he goes red but he does keep saying to me "mummy I'm shy" so he is aware that something is going on. I do encourage him to speak to people and he see's me talking to others all of the time. I will take your advice though and encourage him more and reassure him. Thanks

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