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Dip in back of 8 mo head - rear fontanelle?

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Limy Wed 24-Aug-11 20:45:30

Hi A couple of days ago I noticed a dip in the back of DD head which I had not noticed before, I had assumed it was the rear fontanelle but reading on the internet most sites say that it usually closes at around 4 months. She has not banged her head or anything and (other than teething) is fine within herself. I will be seeing the HV on Friday so will mention it to them but wondered if anybody had any ideas? Thanks

oldmum42 Wed 24-Aug-11 21:26:19

My rear fontanel didn't close until I was at school (I remember the other kids feeling the soft bit!), that's very late obviously, but all of my kids had large, late closing fontanels (none as late as mine). DS4, 10 months, still has quite little soft spot at the rear, which will probably go in the next couple of months - HV were never concerned after the mention of my own fontanel ...... can your parents remember when yours/your siblings, closed? That info may reassure you!

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