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Getting dressed / undressed

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Mouth Wed 24-Aug-11 14:07:59

My 3.9 yr old will not get dressed or undressed. He can get undressed by himself - sometimes struggles with the top half - but generally just wants me to do it. As for getting dressed, he wants me to do it. he will pull his pants up once I've got them around his ankles or pull his tops down once I've got them over his head, but just won't try to do it himself from scratch. Also, he resists getting dressed in the mornings and it always takes much longer than it should. Is this something to worry about? Any tips on encouraging him to be more independent?

mousymouse Wed 24-Aug-11 14:09:53

have you tried doing it against a clock/timer? as is 'I bet you can't dress yourself before the bell rings'
works wonders with my ds who is very able but lazy!

Mouth Wed 24-Aug-11 14:18:34

have done this type of thing a couple of times and it may work for one or two garments but he often then gets distracted by something and runs off etc. the getting undressed is better because he can do it but he just has no interest in trying to get things on!! the 'you're a big boy now, you can do it yourself' approach doesn't seem to work either...

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