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Struggling with 6yo boy and 9yo girl...

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IsItABoyThing Tue 23-Aug-11 10:55:49

And need help! Have got a much older teen as well, who turned into the troll from under the bridge a few years back, so determined not to make as many mistakes this time...

DS has always been a sweetheart, funny, cute, seemingly quite bright but iover the last 6 months has turned into, well a BOY! After 2 girls, he really does seem very different, not only in the fact he loves nothing more than cuddles and kisses and I love yous, but also in that he is so boisterous and belligerent at times. After the sweet loving little cherub we had til his 6th birthday, this has come as a shock grin

9yo DD is normally very laid back, mild mannered, easy to be around, and still is mostly, but he winds her up like crazy and then she retaliates and (I have only recently realised) ends up in trouble for something DS started.

I am really floudnering and as a result DH and me seem to have turned into gritted teeth speaking or shouty parents and I really HATE that. So need advise if possible on best tactics to deal with this.

I think as DD1 is so much older, I have never before had the sibling squabbling that tbh a lot of my friends have mentioned over the years and I felt very fortunate not to have - oh boy do I have it now! Conversely, they adore one another, are great partners in crime as well as jsut playing nicely together and often can be found asleep in the same bed when we go up at night!

Very grateful for any help!

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