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Forgetful 5 year old

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EKP Mon 22-Aug-11 23:09:11

Hi there,
This is probably a phase, or just a character trait, but I my 5 year old seems to be strangely forgetful.
She is a funny, active, bright girl and is very alert but has lapses of memory that at first made me chuckle and now make me wonder if there is something more to it. I guess that these episodes have been going on for a year or so now.
Today, for example, we went to get new school shoes. My daughter had her feet measured, got off the measuring machine and when I asked her brother to go on a minute after she looked at me totally seriously and rather upset and asked 'but when am I going to have a go on the machine'. I said 'but you have just been on there' and she just said 'oh yes'. This has been repeated in many and various scenarios - it could be a place that we have just visited, a person we have seen, or a toy that she has just played with and then seemed to have forgotten about having just had an interaction with. She definitely isn't doing it for effect. It seems generally to be short-term memory lapses.
I know that her little brain is working overtime taking in new things and learning at a rapid rate but has anyone else had a similar experience? I can be forgetful too so perhaps it is in the genes. I also have an older son but we haven't had the same issue with him. He just has 'selective hearing'!

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