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night terrors and sleep waliking

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reecile Mon 22-Aug-11 22:24:52

my boy is nearly 2 and half and goes to bed fine without any probs, but will often wake 2-3 times during the night screaming and crying, sweating and upset, often walking aroung his room. anyone else experience this or got any advice to help

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 22-Aug-11 22:30:43

Some children are more prone than others, if its any consolation they don't remember any of it in the morning. One of my children has always done it usually when he is unwell or very hot or has had an upsetting day, but sometimes for no reason.
Its usually a couple of hours after going to bed he will bang his legs and scream for me, I can look right at him and he can't see me, it lasts 10 minutes and then he'll come round and just go back to sleep. He is 9 now and they don't happen as often thank goodness as it can be a bit freaky.

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