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Sexual awareness etc in 6yo DS - bit early?

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thelittlebluepills Mon 22-Aug-11 20:31:07

First of all let me state for the record that I have absolutely no concerns about any sort of sexual abuse related to my son.

However, DS is nearly 7 and in the last year has shown an increasing interest/awareness in gender differences etc. We are a fairly relaxed family but we have now stopped him from interrupting me in the shower or seeing me get changed because he is constantly staring at all my bits (boobs more than anything).

The moment the NEXT catalogue arrives he's browsing through the bra section.

I knew all this would come along at some stage but isn't 6 a bit young? I guess we'll have to make sure he doesn't get changed in the ladies changing room at the pool now?

Lucy88 Mon 22-Aug-11 20:57:53

All sounds pretty normal to me. My DS is 6 and he has a bit of a thing about 'boobs' at the moment.

He will ask if I am wearing a bra, looks at page 3 in his Dads newspaper, immediately notice if someone is wearing a low cut top and even came home one day to say his teacher didn't have a bra on and he got a peek at her boobs.

I have had a conversation with him about things that are private and that if he wants to talk about boobs at home, he can do, but when we are out - that is different. He has to respect ladies wanting to keep their boobs private and he mustn't stare or talk about it when we are out.

Sometimes he finds it hard to contain himself and as soon as we are out of the family changing area - he will grin and whisper - 'I saw some lovely boobies'. I asked him once why he liked them and he said that they were squashy and nice.

Its a phase and it does calm down. I found the more fuss I made, the more he did it, so I try to answer him briefly and change the subject.

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