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2 year old trying to stop herself pooing, causing problems, what can I do?

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electra Mon 22-Aug-11 16:16:36

About a month ago dd who is 2.4 did a dry poo that hurt her. She really cried and since then she has been trying to hold them in. She will hold on for about a week, whereas before she was going every day. It's causing her to get very miserable and clingy and also she won't eat properly the more she needs to go. She'll say 'oh dear poo' and get quite upset but won't go. Last night she finally did a poo in her nappy after she dropped off to sleep.

I have tried giving her things like grape juice and plenty of fluids, fruit etc so that it won't be painful, I've tried reassuring her that it will be ok and not giving it attention at other times. She seems determined to hold it in though. Is there anything I can do other than what I've mentioned?

JaneH99 Mon 22-Aug-11 16:28:15

Take your daughter to the doctor, explain the issue and ask him/her to prescribe Lactulose. With that operating for a a fortnight or so the matter will quickly be forgotton and then take her off it.

electra Mon 22-Aug-11 19:39:25

Thank you Jane, we now have some movocol - I hope I can get her to take it smile

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