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Please tell me about your 5yo boy and friendships...

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MrsPlugThePlumber Mon 22-Aug-11 13:32:45

...because I can't tell whether mine is completely normal or not.

He is constantly worrying about who is friends with who, and when he has friends over to play, he doesn't make them welcome, treat them particularly kindly, share toys etc.

They seem to have riotous fun one minute, and the next they have fallen out... so a friend to play is a tempestuous 3 hours.

I honestly can't tell whether he is lacking in social skills, or whether other boys can also be this way. When we talk afterwards, he says he's had a nice time and is keen for the friend to come back soon.

Any thoughts appreciated.

An0therName Mon 22-Aug-11 13:51:55

sounds normal to me - unless my 5 year old is also lacking in social skills....
my DS has 2 friends he has had for a long time who he plays with with less fallings out - but thats I think because they had loads when they were younger
his other friends seems exactly the same - happy one minute not the next - so long as he seems to have people to play with at school and gets invited to places I wouldn't worry

Oblomov Mon 22-Aug-11 14:07:12

Agreed. what does the mum of the other boys say when you casually joke about these things ? I find other mums responses are very 'telling' !! If he is being invited round to play, and to partties etc, then basically, there is no problem.
Its only if you are doing all the inviting and you get no reciprocals, thta you need to worry.

MrsPlugThePlumber Mon 22-Aug-11 14:37:38

He seems to be invited back, so that's good.

I guess my expectations are too high - but I didn't know whether or not they were, IYSWIM.

Thank you for reassuring responses.

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