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6 year old bed wetting nearly every night

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curtaincall Sun 21-Aug-11 22:50:18

Thought this was all in the distant past until about 3 weeks ago we
went to stay with friends and he didn't get up to go for a
pee (several metres down a corridor from his bedroom).

Since then he has wet the bed at home about 4-5 times a
week. We've put him in pull-ups and have about 3 layers
of waterproofing under his sheet. Tonight we woke him
at 10pm and took him to the loo where he did a pee.

Has anyone got useful advice?

Pamplemoussse Mon 22-Aug-11 09:32:47

GP to rule out underlying UTI and for advice

I don't know anything about when a child has prev been dry at night and then reverts to wetting, sorry

mousymouse Mon 22-Aug-11 09:35:29

has there been a change?
moving house, new school?
agree with pample, see the GP

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