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5 year old meltdowns...

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sjcmum Sat 20-Aug-11 20:09:30

DD1 didn't really have many tantrums when she was younger, but in the last few weeks, she has started having major meltdowns. It is generally when she is tired or hungry, but we get the whole stamping feet, screaming, hysterical crying etc. It is normally prompted by not being able to do something. Today, one was when she couldn't do a somersault round one particular bar on a climbing frame, mainly because she isn't tall enough to reach it, and another because she couldn't make a drawing of a tree look the way she wanted......Is this normal? And how would you deal with it?

I've try reasoning with her, but she is too hysterical to listen, getting cross normally just makes it worse, time out in her room works sometimes... but I'm at a bit of a loss. She gets so wound up that, when you tell her to stop crying, she just says she can't and gets worse.....

Any suggestions?

ballstoit Sat 20-Aug-11 21:04:50

DS is just 6 and went through similar last summer. It stopped as soon as he went back to school after the summer holidays. Has it started during the hols/transition time at school.

DS is beginning to get a little bit like this again now, think it's nerves about new teacher and class. I ignore him until he stops, they do seem to carry on for a shorter time. Having said that DD1 (4) is also a bit 'sensitive' at the mo, and she calms down more quicly if I cuddle her.

lollystix Sat 20-Aug-11 22:37:27

Omg - I've been having the same with ds1 these last few days. He's just 5 and started school this week (Scotland). He's been fairly reasonable for the last year but I've had 3-4 days of histrionics when I say 'no' to anything. This mornings was cos we left a venue, this afternoon's was cos his bike was too difficult and he wanted his scooter NOW! As this happened in the middle of a major road with oncoming traffic and two other kids in tow, I just lost it and screamed at him in publicsad. Not proud of myself at all. Feeling a bit lost with it - wondering if school causing it although he seems fine with the first few days. I have resorted to confiscating his light sabre.

KitKat84 Sun 21-Aug-11 11:05:23

Half these threads on here seem to match my 5 year old DS at the moment. His tantrums are horrendous, I have the full on hand flapping whilst running on the spot and screaming. It's fine at home because I just ignore him but when he is out in public and starts it is near on impossible to calm him down. I think people are right about it being linked to the transition of school/going into year 1 and hopefully once they are back in school it'll settle down!

sjcmum Wed 24-Aug-11 21:05:41

Thanks - nice to know she isn't the only one! I am increasingly thinking it is to do with the lack of structure and routine in the summer holidays - as it has flared up more in the last few weeks. She has little sense of time, and trying to explain when things are happening never really sinks in, so she never remembers what is happening, or who is looking after her etc. I hope once she goes back to school it will sort itself out! In the meantime, I think ignoring and time out in her room is the best option.....

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