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When Should I move my 14 mth old into a cot-bed?

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wrighty2010 Sat 20-Aug-11 15:53:59

Hi, need some advice!!! My 14 mth old has stopped sleeping and I mean is waking almost every hour. We are both tired and grumpy and frustrated as a result, I have tried the leave to cry thing but I also have a 3 year old and she is disturbing him too so end up with two crtying kids! Do you think it is too early to move to a cot bed or will this even work? desperatley need some advice. Thanks xx

joruth Sat 20-Aug-11 20:50:09

My children have moved into cot beds early but Personally I don't think it would have worked if their sleep patterns had been disturbed. It's much harder to enforce daytime naps, remaining in bed at bed time etc if you're out of the cot and cot's these days are often big enough to go up to 2.5 years or beyond.

14 months is a common age to revisit separation anxiety, also cutting back teeth can be a problem or bizzarrely if she has cut down her daytime naps and is overtired children can get so wound up that they cant sleep....

If you've checked the obvious ( clothes comfort, bed warm enough, nappy, temperature, teeth) and she's eating ok and napping ok then it is probably behavioural and there's nothing for it but sleep training. Usually takes 3 nights.....3 nights of hell but if you can keep strong you should all reep the benefits!

best of luck

Pigleychez Sun 21-Aug-11 23:06:37

My DD is 15mths and has started being unsettled in the night too.(normally a good sleeper) She also has horrendous poo's and nasty nappy rash. Her classic teething symptoms. You can see her back teeth are trying to come through.

I'd say its more something like that rather than the bed. I wouldnt say its a good time to swap yet. Something new isnt going to help her settle, She needs familiar surroundings.
My DD1 (Just turned 3) moved to a junior bed at 18mths and was a breeze. Never got out of bed! DD2 ... Well I have a feeling she wont be!! At the mo we are thinking of swapping her bed over at xmas time.

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