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milk or no milk??

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katie2008 Sat 20-Aug-11 08:02:05

i need some advice, my son is nearly 3 but i am having a little trouble getting him off a bottle, he refuses to drink his milk from a cup but he drinks everything else from a cup, he will on the other hand drink chocolate milk from a cup, so i don't know what to do as i don't want him to go without milk so should i let him have a bottle back or give him chocolate milk? or let him go without if he wont use a cup??

thanks for your help!!

joruth Sat 20-Aug-11 20:55:38

What about the "Super nanny" solution where you dress up the handing over of the bottle to the 'bottle fairy' or similar one night and in the morning he receives a big grown up special milk cup. Make sure all the bottles and teats really are inaccessible (bin or loft) so he can't accidentally find them. Alternatively if you have a friend expecting a baby you can dress up the giving of the bottles for the new baby as he is a big boy and the baby can give him a big boy cup. The only thing is you have to be really sure that you care about him giving up the bottle enough to follow through!!


MmeLindor. Sun 21-Aug-11 21:21:53

You have posted this in the Bloggers' Network topic, you may get more replies if you ask MNHQ to move to development, or repost the query there.

When do you give him milk? Does he feel he needs it to go to bed?

I had to go "cold turkey" with my DD, it was a drama for a day then soon forgotten.

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