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Shy 2 year old

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lizzyjo Fri 17-Oct-03 21:40:31

We have just been to my ds's nursery parents' evening to be told that although she is very happy and not a problem to them that she does not speak to anyone at all, even on a 1 to 1 with nursery worker.In fact on her developmental check list they said she was unable to use 50 words, put 2/3 words together or say her own name.

Ds is 28 months old and has recently had grommets (August) due to chronic glue ear. Although she does not speak as well as many of her peers who are by and large fluent, she has 100's of words and can do 3/4 word sentences, ask questions and uses her name. Although her pronunciation is often poor as there are many sounds she cannot say, we understand her and so do people who see her a lot.

My concern is her lack of interest in talking at nursery and to people she doesn't know in general. Is it just shyness or something else? I don't know what else, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced this? She has a referral for a SALT appt, but has antone any ideas/advice at all? I am just concerned that she is not at ease enough to talk more, and wonder at the reasons.

Would be grateful to hear from anyone!!

Jimjams Fri 17-Oct-03 22:08:12

This is a bt different as my son has lots of problems (autism and verbal dyspraxia). He has his own language which he will use quite freely in familar surroundings, and when he is feeling confident, However he will not speak at all to someone new. I think this is largely a confidence thing in his case. If she has had intermittent hearing loss she may well not be very confident with speech, I expect she'll speak more as she becomes more confident and her speech becomes clearer. DS1 does know who will understand him and who won't, and often doesn't bother even attempting to talk to people who won't understand him.

Assuming her understanding is OK I wouldn't worry at this stage about her speech in unfamiliar surroundings. If you want to look up more- look up selective mutism (or is it elective mutism- can never remember).

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