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Arguments and Fighting - HELP

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MrsSwan Thu 18-Aug-11 19:51:34

Can anyone give me any advice/anecdotes or recommended reading that will help me deal with the incessant arguing and squabbling that is going on in my house this summer?

I know they all do it and it is supposedly normal, helping them to resolve conflict and negotiate blah blah blah but it is worse than ever before and I am slowly losing my mind.

Sibling dynamics important: DD (8) DS (6) and DS (4)

stinkypants Fri 19-Aug-11 13:14:09

i'm sure you are already doing this but i would just get out of the house and go to new places, tire them out, give them something else to think about etc. distraction works wonders with mine.
failing that, maybe a project they could all do individually and reward for completing it? along with lots of praise and some 1-1 time with each of them to do it.
or if it is beyond that too, speedy and repellant consequences!!!! threaten the consequence, give a warning, then DO it, and always make the consequence something you can easily and WILL carry out. (i.e. naughty step).
sounds like they need to be back at school (-:

MrsSwan Fri 19-Aug-11 19:58:09

Thanks stinkypants. Really like the project idea, will try that one. Lots of days out and one to one whenever I can is already happening. I know it affects parents more than the kids themselves but it really makes me miserable. I start the day like Mary Poppins and end it like Mrs Trunchball.

stinkypants Wed 24-Aug-11 12:09:26

ha ha ha - me too!! oh well - i'm sure its character -forming for them! (-:

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