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Bed wetting 4 3/4 year old, HELP!

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DingbatsFur Tue 16-Aug-11 12:10:33

Hi Folks,
I'm writing on behalf on my 4 and 3/4s old and myself.
Basically DS1 is still wetting the bed at night. He is reasonably good
otherwise with the toilet, still the occasional accident (mostly
when he is very busy with something else) but would usually get through
the week with only one incident. He was in nursery last year and I think
we had one incident so I'm fairly confident he is OK during the day.
Night though it another matter. He still wears a nappy at night and the worst thing is that he seems to hold it all in and the pee with such force that the pee just comes out and wet the bed. I have tried larger sizes, smaller sizes, pull ups, standard nappies etc. all with the same result. I often lift him out of bed before I go to bed and put him on the toilet to get
rid of some of his pee but even then he can wet the bed. He has been potty trained during the day since just before 2 1/2.
He hates it. I am sad for him (and also would like not to wake up at 5am to change his sheets every night).
To make it worse DS2 (2 3/4s) is now completely potty trained at night and has no issues at all.
DS2 doesn't need to wear a nappy. We tried to hide this from DS1 but has noticed.
I think DS1 is wetting the bed simply because he's such a deep sleeper.
DH sleeps like the dead and DS1 does much the same. DS2 is a much lighter sleeper.
I'm thinking it may be an idea to take DS1 to the GP as we have tried so much already but I would like to see if there is something else we could do first.
Any help would be much appreciated.

SenoritaViva Tue 16-Aug-11 13:03:03

I believe bed wetting is very common up until the age of 7 and is not considered a problem unless beyond this. I stand to be corrected though.

I don't think that it is necessarily related to potty training (other than day training needing to happen before night training).

I think taking him to a GP would make him see it as a problem. Explain your theory about deep sleeping 'just like daddy' and that DS2 isn't the same. Then go on to explain that daddy no longer wets the bed and he WILL grow out of it.

Can't help on the nappy types sorry and I stand to be corrected on the above but I am somewhat sure that I have read that elsewhere.

WoTmania Tue 16-Aug-11 14:11:11

IT's a hormonal thing with nighttime dryness, they have no control over it.
If it helps DS1 was 5.4 before he was dry through the night. He was clean and dry daytimes at 2.5 and we tried two summers running tha switch hadn't flicked in his brain. I know many children who have been 5-7 and not dry at night. I twill happen one day.

jubilee10 Tue 16-Aug-11 16:34:53

Ds3 5.1 is not yet dry at night. He is also a very deep sleeper. I have found the pyjama pants to be best although it does sometimes leak out. My nephew was 7.6 before he was dry so we could have it for a while yet. Good advice from the others.

WoTmania Tue 16-Aug-11 17:43:38

just to add - when he did get dry it just clicked - no wet beds.

Jellyelly Wed 17-Aug-11 00:00:35

I'd be interested in any feedback on this as well - slightly different situation though in that my DS1 (almost 5) was dry at night for 3 or 4 months, before he started wetting the bed about a month ago. I wondered if it might be worrying about starting school in September, so I haven't made much of it, and have been lifting him last thing which seemed to have solved it until last night when he wet the bed anyway. It makes him very sad, and like the OP I have a DS2 who is dry through the night. Sorry for hijack!

madwomanintheattic Wed 17-Aug-11 01:54:50

docs won't intervene at all until 7. quite normal. it's like trying to get him to grow adult teeth. he isn't ready yet. some kids are dry at night at two, others take years longer. <shrugs>

there is nothing you can do at this young age, so try a few pull up brands/ use in combination with disposable bed pads (quite common for pull-ups to leak - ds1 still swamps the bed through his pull-ups) and sigh at the laundry.

but it is time limited.

if it's still happening at 7, the gp will offer either medication to mimic the hormone (usually desmotabs or similar) or an enuresis alarm. it depends on the cause as to which method works (non-production of the hormone or deep sleep - meds obv for hormone, alarm for deep sleepers. sometimes you need both....)

dd2 was dry day and night at two, and her older brother and sister were in oull-ups until 8 (dd1) and still ongoing (ds1 at 9).

loads of 4/5/6 yo's wet the bed every night.

lifting isn't supposed to be helpful, as it just trains the child to wet at that time of time (whether or not they are awake/ in bed/ someone has taken them to the bathroom etc) but it does help alleviate the level of swamping. so, it depends whether you want to minimise a bit of laundry but set up a routine to pee in a sleeping child, or whether you want to see what happens naturally.... grin

DingbatsFur Thu 18-Aug-11 13:12:27

Thanks so much for all the responses folks. I really appreciate it.
Sad to know that there really doesn't seem to be anything we can do but glad to know that it's all perfectly on the normal spectrum.
I think I'm going to try a smaller than usual size nappy to see if that will contain him better. Poor kid.
Jellyelly you have my sympathy!!

ssmile Thu 18-Aug-11 13:24:53

HI my DD is 4.5 and fills her nappy pants to nearly overflowing everynight. She is aware from her friends that they dont use a nappy but I tried hard not to put any pressure on her just say when her body is ready it will happen. She isn't big for her age but she wears those PJ pants from huggies size 4-7 age they are expensive so I wait until they are on sale then buy a months worth. Sainsburys have them on offer at the moment. They also do a bigger size I think. Plus I have a washable pad which is about 1m square that goes underneath to minimise washing all the bedding as it soaks up any overspill.

mopser Thu 18-Aug-11 13:35:27

Don't know if it helps but my DD was not good at potty training until she was6 ish, we ended up lifting her every night when we went to bed, and she is fine more or less now (she is 7). Hope this helps.

MissBetsyTrotwood Thu 18-Aug-11 17:10:07

My DB wet the bed til he was 9. He even dreamed he'd made it to the loo, was having a wee at the toilet and felt all pleased until he woke up. We had a lot of family problems and sadness at the time sad .

He was seen by a doctor and even had acupuncture but the conclusion eventually was that he'd do it in his own time. And he did!

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