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Why does the summer holiday change kids into little B**gers???

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Blurry29 Tue 16-Aug-11 11:38:47

DS is 5 going on 15

First experience of the whole summer holiday thingy....

I left a very busy full time job in Jan to support DH in his promotion and to support DS starting fulltime education.............

Normally a very well behaved, polite little lad who is easy to deal with, lovely to be around etc etc etc.......

Back to present day: Argues, answers back, throws strops, crys over NOTHING, gets wound up very easily, needs telling 3 or 4 times!!!

Are all summer holidays like this??? just asking so I know what to expect next year lol smile

Flisspaps Tue 16-Aug-11 11:43:56

Bored? Change of routine? Missing his friends?

Or because children are really like this all the time once they're school age which is why teachers are always knackered and in need of six weeks off in the summer wink

bacon Tue 16-Aug-11 11:56:30

DITTO !!!!
The main reason why I booked him into playscheme 9.30 - 4pm (better hrs than school)....I and he love it. My 5 yr old is horrible at moment, his back chat is terrible and he had to have a big slap this morning.

Mind you he changed when he started reception so that was nearly 1 yr ago - 6 soon. He was a lovely baby and toddler now he is the enemy! But excellent in school and doing very well. He's very tall, healthy and strong too which is concerning me how powerful he's going to get.

I too have to run a business, do all the house and farm as hubby out nearly every day. Hubby has no idea and reckons I'm hopeless at disapline but I take so much, and then snap. I want to cry some days - mostly weekends when I'm a wreck!

I'm in now with a 2 yr old and both together I'm aiming to leave!!!!!!

Actually, hating this age of 5. He seems to be working against me. Look in the primary times some churches offer a weeks activities, some private schools have events too for a small fee. Do anything to get a break!!!

Blurry29 Wed 17-Aug-11 08:10:16


I feel since the end of July I have become a NAG!! smile

Thats all I seem to do at him lately...........roll on Sept 5th

opens wine even though its 8am smile

hypermum1 Wed 17-Aug-11 16:18:07

Hi there. I can totally sympathise! I am really struggling these holidays! I left a busy full time job 2 years ago nearly now and am finding it hard. I hate not having my own money, my earning capacity is gone so totally reliant on hubbys business (which is very scarily slow right now), and I am at home all holidays with a 6 year old and an 8 year old who fight constantly from the minute they wake til the minute they go to sleep. If they are not fighting with each other they are fighting with me. Def roll on Sept!

OdyMandrell Wed 17-Aug-11 16:31:18

Yep! I think I'm a reasonably intelligent person and I work really hard at trying to teach my kids how to be polite and kind to each other. So why, today (not just today but it's been a particular shocker so far), do I feel like I'm raising a bunch of ungrateful, spoiled, whining tearaways who I feel I have no control over and embarrass me in public? If I actually talked to dh about what I deal with some days he'd be getting a right earful tonight! I so need a day off from motherhood. (I won't be getting one.)

piano10 Wed 17-Aug-11 16:39:06

They become wild in the holidays...
School life and the discipline tames them and keep them in check.
With mummy at home they bend the rules more, ignore being told, and generally turn into untamed ferile monsters...

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