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Did I handle this correctly?

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headfairy Mon 15-Aug-11 21:05:57

Ds and his friend (little girl who lives next door) often run between the houses, they're great friends and I think it's lovely. I usually check on them every 15 or so if they've been particularly quiet (not that often!) Yesterday I hadn't heard anything for a few minutes yesterday so I went upstairs and checked on them, the friend came out of ds's bedroom wearing just a tee shirt (no trousers or pants) and ds came out after her. I was quite surprised to see her like that so I breezily said "oh dear, what happened to your trousers?" and ds said we were playing doctors. I checked her front bottom and her back bottom.

Not wanting to make a big fuss or anything I said "oh" and asked the friend if she was ok. She was fine, didn't seem upset or anything so I let it pass. Later on I mentioned it again to ds and said to him that he shouldn't take little girls clothes off if they don't want to, and that sometimes people don't like other people looking at their bottoms.

Was that the right way to deal with it? I didn't want to make a huge scene out of it incase it freaks them both out. He's 3.11 and she's 2.10.

BoysRusxxx Mon 15-Aug-11 21:11:44

I think you handled it well with your son but What do you mean you checked her front bum and back bottom?

Also, do you mean your two front doors are open and they just run between the two? I think they are a little young for that. id be afraid they would wander off and if you are only checking them every 15 mins...Toddler can get very far in that time.

headfairy Mon 15-Aug-11 21:22:43

No, sorry, I must have not been clear... ds said he'd checked her front bottom and back bottom. I didn't touch her other than to put her pants and trousers back on. I've been trying to teach ds about privacy recently too. Whenever she's around and she needs the loo he always wants to be in there with her. I've had a chat with him about leaving her to use the potty on her own - he always insists on going on his own so he does understand that.

Our gardens have a gate between them. It was locked when we first moved in, but when we were having a bbq one night we unlocked it, so now we keep it unlocked and the children can move between houses easily without getting to the road (both gardens are enclosed). I've taught ds he must always ask me before he goes next door, and I never let him go there before 10am, or if I know they're busy etc. We're all happy with the arrangement as it stands.

headfairy Tue 16-Aug-11 10:50:04

Bumping for any other opinions...

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