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how do u no if its a first word or just a sound??????????

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pugsmum Mon 15-Aug-11 08:46:51

my 10 month old is catting away with all his own little noises he is a real chatter box , shouting , screamin (happy sreams) , and constanlty talkin .
we have wonderful conversations but obviously dont have a clue what eachother is saying at this stage! his is typically goo goo ga ga and fart noises he sound like the tazmanian devil most of the time! lol

However he is saying mummy ,daddy ,nanna (obviously having no idea what these words mean as much as we wud like to believe he does)...

also my friend was babysitting the other day and everytime her partner left the room she asked "where's he gone" to the baby and he came home sayin gone and says it wen my partner plays peek a boo under the duvet

AND this morning i was saying hello to him as he was crawling around the living room and he repeated a very clear "hello " back to me!!

how do i know what is his first word and when do babies typically start to talk????

DrGruntFotter Mon 15-Aug-11 08:56:16

Message withdrawn

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