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2 y.o. Fear of Wasps in Bedroom

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Zachmeister Sun 14-Aug-11 20:31:33

My DD is 2. We've had a wasp problem in our house. My 4 y.o DS was stung in bed a few nights ago and the following night although we had checked our DS bedroom another wasp was found...she was screaming and shouting 'bee bee'...We have had our house checked and there is no nest but the 'wasp man' says we obviously have wasps who have lost their way...

The trouble is my dd is terrified now and will not sleep in her cot/bedroom. I've tried moving her cot into our DS bedroom but she still refuses to lie
down in the cot and is hysterical. For the past 3 nights she has slept in my bed but I obviously don't want this to become a habit.

She used to go down at 7pm awake and settle herself off to sleep....any suggestions how I can get back to that??

AKMD Sun 14-Aug-11 21:42:09

It's a bit extreme but try getting a mosquito net. That way absolutely no wasps can get near her and she has a princess-style bed.

Thingiebob Wed 17-Aug-11 23:07:42

You could buy one of those wasp catchers to hang up by the window. They attract the wasps then trap them. You can get them on Amazon.

Also, did the wasp man check outside the house? We got loads of wasps in our bathroom last year at the back of the house and it turned out the nest was actually at the front of the house. Once that was removed the wasps stopped.
I would get someone else out to check out all round the outside of your house under the guttering and roof.

The mosquito net is a great idea.

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