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2yr old off his!

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appletiser Sun 14-Aug-11 18:35:51

hi - my 2yr old used to have a pretty healthy appetite - good sized portions of his 3meals a day with snacks in between and milk at night - usually to fall asleep with and then a bottle in the night. we had the odd few days where he wouldnt eat much but then make up for it the next day. For the past 2 days he just says no to food - hes really not interested in having breakfast at all - maybe at 11ish he will have a few spoonfuls of cereal - i offer him the usual things he would eat (would normally have an egg and slice of toast for breakfast then some fruit or some cereal/porridge) but he refuses everything - same with lunch and dinner he might (though not often) get excited about the food then not eat it...maybe the first spoonful but thats it or maybe just a 1/4 slice of bread. ive even tried junk food -chips/nutella on bread but its the same thing. hes even going off the fruit he would usually sit and munch on during the day - he'll have a few bites then leave it...he will actaully start wrteching if he has anymore than a few bites.... he was constipated initally and i thought that this was the reason but his poos are better now.. the other thing is hes having extra milk at night - 2 bottles to fall asleep with rather than 1 - and 1 and half bottles in hte night rather than 1 - but he sweats alot in his sleep so i thought maybe its the stuffy weather...... im really concerned as his clothes are getting bit on him and he loosk tired (but then his sleep routine has been messed up too - he sleeps later and wakes earlier - hes too hyper)hes probablly getting 9-10hrs at night instead of 11-12

any advise??????????????????is this just a phase?

homeedmam11 Sun 14-Aug-11 19:41:10

If he does not seem sick then I would not worry, children can change just like that, my daughter changed, shes 8 now and still a very picky eater. smile

Canistaysane Sun 14-Aug-11 20:15:25

My 2 year old Is very choosy about what she will eat. she will eat some cereal but not all of it. lunch time she will only eat a bit of sandwich and tonight she refused tea. The only way I can find to get her to eat something is if I give her snacks. I know that is not ideal. but I would rather know she has ate snacks than eat nothing. she loves yoghurt and flapjack also breadsticks.
Hopefully it's a phase and they will grow out of it. but if you are really concerned you should visit your gp or health visitor.

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